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Old News for MaART

Old News
23 April 2006
A new release of MaART has been made, complete with MS Windows binaries for a lot of the tools. It can be downloaded from SourceForge. See the change log for information on the changes. The documentation that accompanies the binary package is available here .
13 April 2006
There is now a detailed description of how to install MaART on Trustix Linux . Following these instructions will provide you with a MIDI database which adds new files from newsgroups on a daily basis. A web server frontend to the database is presented, using Apache an perl. The instructions should be adaptable to other linux distributions and web servers.
3 December 2005
Added the mpglib mp3 audio decoding library to CVS. This version of mpglib is based on the mpglib dll (v0.92) adapted from mpglib by Martin Pesch. The latest available version of the mpglib from mpg123 (pre 0.59s) has been back-ported. Additionally, a patch (following a security alert) has been incorporated.
21 November 2005
Added the sim application which calculates similarity (and self-similarity) matrices from feature files. The feature files are loaded as matrices, as output by wave2mfcc. NB: This is only in available from CVS at the moment.
1 August 2005
Located and fixed the bug causing wave2mfcc to hang. A new release of MaART has been made, complete with MS Windows binaries for a lot of the tools. It can be downloaded from SourceForge. See the change log for information on the changes.
7 July 2005
Added the wave2mfcc tool and associated files (simple matrix class added to a new utility module, mfcc added to the dsp module). There are DevCPP issues with it (just hangs) but will make a release once that is done. The wave summarisation program will be put on hold, as there are a number of directions it could take - and all of them would distract from the release-inspired tidying.
9 June 2005
Added the beginnings of the signal processing code. A program to generate Mel-Frequency Ceptrum Co-effecients (MFCC) will arrive shortly, along with a program which uses them for summarisation. Added screenshots of the web interface and the Java query entry applets.
23 March 2005
Tidying up for a release in the near future, including binaries for MS Windows. See the change log for more info. The release cycle is currently a lot longer than I would like (I'd like four a year) but haven't had the time to add anything interesting recently - until now. Also, with the SourceForge statistics system down, it is impossible to gauge external interest in this project. Please email me, via my SourceForge profile, if this project would be useful to you "if only it had...".
1st August 2004
To mark the 100th download of MaART, maart-20040801 has been released and can be downloaded via SourceForge. It is missing the planned example CGI setup , but this is probably better managed as a seperate file release. Also, there always seems to be something more pressing.
11th July 2004
Progress is being made on MaART. It is overdue for a release but I am not confident / happy with the example CGI setup yet. Get the latest code from CVS and read the change log for information on what to look out for in the next release.
14th January 2004
Updated the web page. Currently working on an example CGI setup, complete with forms displaying this MaART look and feel.
11th December 2003
Some of the code has been imported into CVS. There is already enough to create a MIDI database, although documentation is lacking. More code is being added as it is cleaned and tidied (to check that it works for me and to add the LGPL header).

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