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Change Log for MaART

Coming Soon
In the Next Release
  • Added beat / tempo finder tool
  • Added Windows GUI form (using .NET v2.0)
In a Forthcoming Release
  • Add midilcs tool (note: this might become a generic lcs)
  • Add implementation of the Earth Mover's Distance for similarity
  • Add implementation of Principal Component Analyis for dimension reduction
Current Releases
Release 2006-10-05
  • Project / solution files to compile MaART with Microsoft Visual C++ Express
  • Added midi2dat tool which converts a midi file into a piano-roll matrix
  • Added musical part classification to midicut. For example, this can be used to remove drum tracks before passing to other tools such as midi2dat
  • Added chroma feature representation to wave2mfcc
  • Added implementation of the FastMap dimension reduction algorithm, fastmap
  • Added implementation of the k-means clustering algorithm, cluster
  • Added implementation of a Self-Organizing Map, som
  • Added a zoom option to dat2bmp
Release 2006-04-23
  • Added wave2midi pitch extractor (very basic at the moment)
  • Added the sim application which calculates similarity (and self-similarity) matrices from feature files. The feature files are loaded as matrices, as output by wave2mfcc (for example)
  • Added the mpglib mp3 audio decoding library
  • Added condense album summariser
  • Updated the mdbcgi tutorial (with the article on the web site)
Release 2005-08-01
  • Added wave2mfcc and sonogram tools
  • Added a simple install script for the command-line tools (shell script)
  • Added a simple voxel renderer to the bitmap library, along with an example utility to convert a 2D bitmap into a 3D one
  • Added the collector tool
  • Build files for use with DevCpp and MinGW. This will also allow binaries for Windows to be distributed
  • Add simple digital signal processing library (to enable the content-based tools to be applied to audio)
  • Various small bug fixes and portability / consistency improvements
Release 2004-08-01
  • Improved portability of cfgfile.cpp
  • Added CGI interface to the MIDI Database
  • SOAP webservice (driven by gSOAP)
  • Ribbon applet to query the CGI interface
  • Keyboard applet to query the CGI interface
  • Imported the bitmap class
  • Added midistat, miditexture and midicut tools
  • Added WAVE file library (and RIFF library). This uses namespaces (e.g. wave::foo) rather than prefixes (e.g. wave_foo).
  • Added WAVE tools (waveinfo wavecopy wavegen wavespeed)
  • Modified the Midi library to use the new RIFF library
  • Added an "alphabet" contour mapping which maps +/-25 semitones exactly to a character
Release 2003-12-11
  • Initial release.

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