Convert wave audio to MFCCs


wave2mfcc - Calculates the Mel-Frequency Ceptral Coefficients of wave audio


wave2mfcc [options] FILE1 FILE2


Converts wave audio, FILE1, into a series of Mel-Frequency Ceptral Coefficients. The coefficients are output to FILE2, one line per time-slice with thirteen coeffs (power + the next twelve coefficients).

The time slice is currently fixed at 128 samples. This is a block size of 512 samples, with a 4-times overlap.

The following options are supported:

-b Use a binary format for the output (quicker and smaller, but not as flexible)

-c n The number of coefficients to output

-s n Minimum block size of n milliseconds (this will be rounded up)

Implemented by wave2mfcc.cpp.

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