Convert MIDI to a piano roll


midi2dat - Converts a MIDI file into a piano-roll style matrix file


midi2dat [options] SOURCE DEST


Converts the SOURCE midi file into a piano-roll style matrix and writting it to DEST. Each column in the output represents the highest volume (0 to 127) for each note on a piano keyboard (88 keys). By default, each row in the output represents 0.1 seconds (equivalent to a sampling rate of 10Hz).

The options supported are as follows:

-b Use a binary format for the output (quicker and smaller, but not as flexible)

-o Ignore octave, base similarity purely on pitch class.

-r sample_rate The sampling rate in Hertz. This defines the length of time each row in the output represents. Default: 10Hz


There is a deprecated option -f which uses the adhoc filter to remove drums when generating the piano-roll. It is the intention that, in the future, the midicut program be used to select or remove musical parts before being passed to midi2dat.

Implemented by midi2dat.cpp.

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