MaART file collection manager


collector - MaART file collection manager


collector [options] FILE ...


The collector tool uses a MIDI cleaning technique and MD5 message digests to identify MIDI files which are identical, from a binary point of view. It is used to accumulate / clean a collection of MIDI files and has been used in conjuction with Usenet harvesting programs to collate a large number of files, identifying renamed files (and noting the different names).

It has become an utility which takes a set of files and organises them into a collection of managed files. The settings for the processing are taken from the configuration file collector.cfg. It is currently only possible to add files to the repository.

Although name conflicts are noted, there is currently no method of resolving them. This will eventually be implemented through a command interface (e.g. add FILE, reject FILENAME).

The following options are supported:

-l FILE Treat FILE as a list of files

Implemented by collector.cpp.

Options in the collector.cfg file

An example configuration file:

indexes.main = F:/midi-ubh/ubh-2_5/midi/myindex.idx
indexes.alt = F:/midi-ubh/ubh-2_5/midi/altnames.idx
indexes.reject = F:/midi-ubh/ubh-2_5/midi/rejected_files.idx
indexes.pitch = F:/midi-ubh/ubh-2_5/midi/contours.idx

paths.root = F:/midi-ubh/ubh-2_5/midi
paths.broken = F:/midi-ubh/ubh-2_5/midi/broken
paths.uninteresting = F:/midi-ubh/ubh-2_5/midi/short
paths.leave_originals = true

Uninteresting.min_length = 60

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